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1. Cover Image

Title: Sail boats in sunset
Artist: Jung Yoo
Oil paint on canvas
Jung Yoo (1956 - )

Jung Yoo was born in the town of Pusan, South Korea in 1956. He immigrated to the United States in 1969 to join his mother who had been in Chicago since 1963. He graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a BS in 1980 and from University of Chicago with an MD in 1984. His orthopedic residency and internship were completed at Case Western Reserve University and his spine fellowship was completed under the tutelage of Dr. Hansen Yuan at State University of New York at Syracuse in 1991. He worked as a faculty member at Case Western Reserve University from 1991 to 2004 with Dr. Henry Bohlman. He moved to Oregon Health & Science University in 2004 to serve as chair of the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, the position he still holds.

Dr. Yoo’s interest in painting started when he was in high school and was manufacturing and delivering display cases to the Art Institute of Chicago. He fell in love with impressionist and post-impressionist paintings and began to paint on his own. He has been painting ever since that time. In 2014, he was inducted into Oregon Society of Artists and has won several awards for his paintings.

His painting style tends toward colorful expressionist landscapes as exhibited by the painting chosen for this cover. The sunset in the background is reminiscent of JMW Turner’s seascapes in its vibrancy of color and diffuse quality of light. The boats are more orderly and float without the turmoil of the background, exploring the balance between order and disorder that is an integral part of existence.

2. Selection of Dr. Mehmet Zileli

Title: Göcek, Turkey
Artist: Mehmet Zileli
Year: 2019

Göcek is a district in south-west part of Turkey. The turquoise blue waters and joining with forest costs are so attractive for wanderers especially those with gullet yachts which is called blue-voyage.

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3. Selection of Dr. Keun Su Kim

Title: The Dream (Le Rêve)
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Year: 1932

Le Rêve (The Dream in French) is a 1932 oil painting (130 × 97 cm) by Pablo Picasso, then 50 years old, portraying his 24-year-old mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter. It is said to have been painted in one afternoon, on January 24, 1932. It belongs to Picasso's period of distorted depictions, with its oversimplified outlines and contrasted colors resembling early Fauvism.

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4. Selection of Dr. James Harrop

Title: Don Quixote
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Year: 1955

Don Quixote is a 1955 sketch by Pablo Picasso of the Spanish literary hero and his sidekick, Sancho Panza. It was featured on the August 18-24 issue of the French weekly journal Les Lettres Francaises in celebration of the 350th anniversary of the first part of Cervantes's Don Quixote. Made on August 10, 1955, the drawing Don Quixote was in a very different style than Picasso's earlier Blue Period, Rose Period, and Cubist periods. The painting is of Don Quixote de la Mancha, his horse Rocinante, his squire Sancho Panza and his donkey Dapple, the sun, and several windmills. The bold lines, almost scribbles, that compose the figures are stark against a plain, white background. The figures are almost laconic and deformed, and are dramatic. Sancho Panza looks up at a tall, elongated, gaunt Don Quixote, who, in return, gazes forward. Don Quixote and Rocinante stand nobly, but have a somewhat tired air.

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5. Selection of Dr. K Daniel Riew

Title: Portrait of woman in d`hermine pass (Olga )
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Year: 1923

Olga Khokhlova: Picasso really believed her to be his love forever. The evidence was a marriage settlement where all his paintings were to be divided equally between them. Having settled in Paris Olga furnished the house in a glamorous and luxurious manner, in the high of fashion. They had a car with a driver, an art studio that occupied the entire second floor, highbred dogs; they threw receptions, dinner parties and social functions. Olga liked expensive clothes, caviar and champagne. Pablo also was not averse to ordering a suit at a high-end couturier. He had golden watch in a vest pocket. He was proud of his wife, of her manner to behave in a high society, of her unconventional beauty and fine demeanor, and humored her in her wish to live in grand style.

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6. Selection of Dr. Jae Keun Oh

Title: The Old Guitarist
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Year: 1903

The Old Guitarist was painted in 1903, just after the suicide death of Picasso's close friend, Casagemas. During this time, the artist was sympathetic to the plight of the downtrodden and painted many canvases depicting the miseries of the poor, the ill, and those cast out of society. He too knew what it was like to be impoverished, having been nearly penniless during all of 1902.

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7. Selection of Dr. Michael Fehlings

Title: The Accordionist
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Year: 1911

The Accordionist is a 1911 painting by Pablo Picasso. As stated by the title, the painting is meant to portray a man playing an accordion. The division of three-dimensional forms into a two-dimensional plane indicate that the painting is in the style of analytic cubism, which was developed by Picasso and Georges Braque between 1907 and 1914. The onset of cubism is possibly due to Picasso and Braque rebelling against centuries of traditional, realistic art that imitates the natural world.

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8. Selection of Dr. Jau-Ching Wu

Title: Two Women Running on the Beach
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Year: 1922

The rounded monumental figures of Picasso's f neo-Classical period of the early 1920s sees a return to his 1992 painting Two Women Running on the Beach, with all its traditional religious connotations. The vivid blues and the flowing hair here are anchored in the elongated brown limbs, contorted yet supple. There's a sense of fullness that makes you feel that this is how life must be lived - and war must be abandoned.

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