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- Cover Art -

Title: Reach Series Number 3
Media: Acrylic base and oil paint on canvas
Year: 2004
Artist: James Guest, MD, PhD
Artist’s note:
I was inspired by the “Burst” series painted by the abstract expressionist Adolph Gottlieb. A series of 7 paintings was created between 2001 and 2005. The paintings try to capture the tension and energy movement between the terrestrial and celestial using “reach” as a metaphor.
James Guest, MD, PhD.

James was trained in neurological surgery at the University of British Columbia and obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Miami where his mentors were the regeneration biologists Richard and Mary Bunge. He received fellowship training in spinal surgery at the Barrow Neurological Institute with Volker Sonntag. His career has largely focused on developing and translating therapeutics for spinal cord injury in neuroprotection, cell transplantation, and neuromodulation.

1. Selection of Dr. Lingbo Kong

Title: Girl before a Mirror
Year: 1932
Artist: Pablo Picasso

This image of a young woman and her mirror reflection is riotous in color and chockablock with pattern. It is one of the last in a major series of canvases that Picasso created between 1931 and 1932. According to The Museum of Modern Art’s founding director, Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Picasso said he “preferred this painting to any of the others,” which speaks to the painting’s dazzling visual and thematic complexity. Its primary subject is the time-honored artistic theme of a woman before her mirror, reinvented in strikingly modern terms. The girl’s smoothly painted profile, in a delicately blushing pink-lavender, abuts a heavily built-up and garishly colored frontal view in yellow and red. Allusions to youth and old age, sun and moon, light and shadow are compressed into a single multivalent face.

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2. Selection of Dr. Hemant Kumar

Title: Dove of Peace
Year: 1949
Artist: Pablo Picasso

Picasso's first Dove of Peace, chosen as the emblem for the First International Peace Conference in Paris in 1949, was a traditional, realistic picture of a pigeon which had been given to him by his great friend and rival, the French artist Henri Matisse.

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